Wednesday, March 31, 2010

End of March 2010

Matt ( Ontario) is drafting his electric guitar neck

Christopher (Alberta) is jigging up for building

Jeff (Minnesota) routing out a jig for the control plate

Paul (Ontario) is working on a practice neck for his electric

Dwayne (Manitoba) has his Acoustic guitar ready for spraying and has started his batman electric

Justin (British Columbia) is shaping his pick guard for his electric

Joshua (California) is working on Bass #3

Joshua is getting some instruction from Arlen

Joel (England) is going to use water base stain on his guitar and then finish with a nitro spray

Warren (New York) has just finished spraying his guitar

This is Warrens new project an electric violin

Devon (Alberta) is making jigs for his next project, an electric guitar

Tyler (Alberta) is putting on the center line for dovetail placement on his Acoustic

Brian (Pennsylvania) is seeing how his pickguard will look.
He has just finished spraying his guitar a couple of days ago

Dylan (Nova Scotia) is routing the rosette for his new project, an Acoustic guitar

Paul (British Columbia) is carving his Bass

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