Thursday, December 8, 2011

December 2012 - Week Two

Steve L. (New York) is sanding the body on his solid body electric guitar

Claude (British Columbia) is working on practice neck #4

Leo (British Columbia) is getting ready to spray his Acoustic

Angus (British Columbia) has just finished his electric guitar

Desiree (British Columbia) and Gavin (Ontario) jamin' with their newly finished guitars

Desiree (British Columbia) playing her finished solid body electric guitar

Gavin (Ontario) is playing the Selmer style Acoustic he built

Shane (New York) next step, routing the saddle slot

Matt (British Columbia) is working on a fret dress on an Acoustic guitar as part of his Two Month Guitar Repair Course

Felisinado (Ontario) is slotting a nut on an electric guitar

Justin (British Columbia) is just finishing his second year of building and is going to start the Live sound course in January

Warren (Manitoba) is sanding the finish on his electric

Monday, December 5, 2011

December 2011 - Week One -Lars Graduates

Lars (Norway) finishes his Course and is off to do a Two Month Apprenticeship