Friday, April 16, 2010

April 2010

Dylan (Nova Scotia) Routing for pickup placement
This is Dylans Ukelele in progress

Jeff (Minnesota) working on his 5th practice neck

Tyler (Alberta) is working on the inlay on his fretboard

This is the headstock for Tylers guitar, he has just finished the inlay

Warren (New York) has figured out a way to use the extra wood by making
gifts for friends and family

Devon (Alberta) is on his 5th practice neck

Brian (Pennsylvania) is putting on the backstrip of his Acoustic

Justin (British Columbia) is working on his second electric guitar

Sigmund (Instructor at Summit School) working on an Archtop

Matt (Ontario) is starting his first practice neck

Christopher (Alberta) is making a neck template for the electric guitar
he is building as part of the One Year Master Program
Dwayne (Manitoba) making a bridge for his Acoustic

Charley (British Columbia) making a saddle for an Acoustic as part of the Repair portion of his course

Jimmy (Ontario) is starting in the repair department as part of his Six month program at Summit

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