Saturday, November 24, 2012

November 2012 - Week Three

Jon (Pennsylvania) is building an Acoustic with a florentine cutaway. The sound hole is in the side.
Flamed maple back and sides with a waterfall Bobinga rosette 

Patrick (British Columbia) is finishing up some sanding on the Bass he is building.
The body is Ash 

Kris (Washington DC) is building a custom electric guitar

Ben (California)is working on practice neck #3

JP (British Columbia) is building an electric guitar
Brendan (Alberta) is working on a very labor intensive Koa back strip for the Acoustic he is building
Golden (South Korea) is building an Acoustic Guitar as part of the One Year Master Program

Curtis (Manitoba) is building a jig for his next project an Acoustic
he is also working on bracing material
Dwight (British Columbia) is getting some instruction on his electric guitar neck from Arlen

Steve D (British Columbia) is planing the wood for his practice neck
Justin (British Columbia) is building a tube distortion pedal as part of the Live Sound Course 

Scott (California) is spraying the final coats on his electric guitar

Steve L (New York) has started the CNC course and is building a Santoor / Hammered Dulcimer

Brett (Alberta) is checking out the CNC machine while he is waiting to do another coat of laquer on the Acoustic he is building

Thursday, November 22, 2012

November 2012 - Week One

Student dinner

Claude finishes the One Year Master Program

New dust extraction system in the shop