Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 2009

Joe is just finishing up the six month Building and Repair Course

Stephen, what a long neck you have!!!!!

Cory is attaching the neck to his Archtop
Willy (British Columbia) is working on an Acoustic guitar as part of the one year program here at Summit

Darryl (Ontario) is clamping the sides of his Acoustic

Joe (Ontario) is starting the One year program in the repair department

Nick (California) is attaching the fingerboard to his neck

Jeff (Ontario) has his finished Electric in hand and his next project started on his bench beside him
Kjel (Alberta) is sanding out the rosette on his Acoustic guitar
More sanding for Kjel
Eric has completed his electric guitar

Eric (Memphis) is building a Dobero style guitar as his next project

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tyson in Japan

Tyson hanging out with Atsushi and friends in Japan
Tyson (from Ontario,Canada) has started working in my (Atsushi) shop today. He came to my shop as part of the work experience program from Summit School in Canada. He is staying here for a month

This is Atsushi' shop in Japan

Tyson is at work on an old Japanese guitar.

He had Sukiyaki for the first time in his life for dinner today. He's getting used to using chopsticks.