Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 2009

Nick (California) is wet sanding his Acoustic. He is finishing up the One Year Master Program here at Summit. He will do his final month in Japan, at Atsushi' shop.

On a personal note** Thank you for rescuing those wonderful kittens, we have two of them and they are great. You are very kind Nick.

Side view

Back view

Front view

Jeff (Ontario) is just about finished his Acoustic. Jeff will be finished the Five Month Guitar Building and Repair Course at the end of this month.

Nick has been busy carving his Archtop

Kjel has finished the program and returned to Alberta, but I liked this picture of him fitting the dovetail

Eric (Memphis) doing some finishing work on his electric guitar

Stephen also finished up the program last month, but I thought this was a good picture of him shaping the body of his neck through Bass

This Acoustic Guitar in process belongs to Doug

Arlen (Instructor at Summit) hand built this solid body electric:
It has a Spalted Maple drop top, Alder body,
Maple neck, Rosewood fingerboard, Hand wound bridge pickup and a TV Jones Filtron neck pickup

another pic of Arlens Electric Guitar