Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Business Basics- Guitar Building and Repair Students

Gregory Brennan is shown presenting "Business Basics - Guitar Building and Repair" in an afternoon business workshop for all Summit students. 

Having recently retired as a KPMG Tax Partner, Gregory is now a full time Summit student.  In the seminar, he was able to share some of his many experiences and business knowledge with our soon to be Luthiers, Gregory covered some business fundamentals that will be of use to them once they graduate.
The session was thought provoking and many questions and issues were addressed from students as they look ahead to start their new careers. 

Thank you Gregory - he has promised to reprise this seminar for new groups of students.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Recording and Live Sound Workshops - April 2017

Congratulations Tate for completing the Audio Engineer workshop here at Summit School. This is a 10 session workshop instructed by our Studio Engineer/ Instructor - Ron 'Obvious' Vermeulen

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

January 2017 - week one

 Tyler (British Columbia) building a solid body electric
1/4 " figured maple on a swamp ash body

Kennedy (Alberta)  is building a 6 string Acoustic
Spruce top - Primavera back and sides
Purpleheart Rosette and End graph 

Brock (Alberta) is building an Acoustic, he is working on the side bracing and curfing
The sides are Pau Ferro 

Jake (Arizona) has done a walnut danish oil finish on this electric bass he is building

Tate ( Alberta) is shaping the solid body electric he is building

Justin (British Columbia) is making the truss rod channel for the electric guitar he is currently building

Alex (Ontario) is here for the one year course and is starting in the repair department

Dave (Ontario) and Tate (Alberta) both building electric guitars

Steve (Alberta) is here for two months

Rick (British Columbia) is starting in the repair department as part of his two month course

Kyle (Ontario) is starting in the repair department as part of his one year course

Mike Jarvis-  instructor in the repair department

Parker (British Columbia) drafting up his next project, an Acoustic guitar

This is Parkers current project

Sota (Instructor) building a Mandolin
Maple back and sides
Flamed Maple finger rest and tail piece

Perogy making with Brock and Nicky

Thank you Brock and Nicky for coming to student housing and teaching the art of perogy making.
What a fun time....