Monday, February 22, 2010

February 2010 - End of the month

Dwayne (Manitoba) cutting the inlay for his Ukelele

Justin (British Columbia) taking measurements to build an Explorer style guitar

Christopher (British Columbia) working in the repair department as part of his eight week repair course here at Summit

Joe (Ontario) is finishing up the One Year Master Program.

In this picture he is gluing kerfing on his Acoustic

Joel (England)with two guitars he has built, one bolt on neck electric (on the left ) and a set through neck(on the right)

Brian (Pennsylvania) is working on the final neck for his electric

Warren ( New York) making a top for his semi hollow electric

Warren' semi hollow body guitar is coming together
check out the wood he has used.......

Paul (British Columbia) holding up his psychodelic headstock

Dylan (Nova Scotia) is working on his Bass

Tyler (Alberta) gluing in the bracing for his Acoustic

Patrick (Manitoba) is working on both a Super Jumbo and an Archtop as part of the Ten Month Building and Repair Course

Friday, February 12, 2010

February 2010 - Week 2

Warren (New York) is working on his guitar neck

Arlen (Instructor) is giving Justin (British Columbia) instuction on routing

Cody (Ontario) is putting the finishing touches on his Mandolin. Cody will be done the Six Month Course at the end of this month

Patrick (Manitoba) is carving on his Archtop

Tyler (Alberta) is gluing and clamping his fret board

Justin (British Columbia) is measuring for the placement of his hardware, so he can route the cavities

Dylan (Nova Scotia) is working on his Bass

Brad (Ohio) is going to be finished the Six month course here at Summit in a few weeks

Paul (British Columbia) is doing a repair
Dwayne (Manitoba) is bending some wood for his Acoustic

Brian (Pennsylvania) is about ready to make his real neck for his solid body guitar