Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Good Bye and Good Luck to RJ

After five years of teaching here at Summit School, RJ is returning to Guitar Building and Repairs. We wish him all the best in future endeavors.
Good Luck RJ and Thank you.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December 2008

We at Summit School, would like to extend our warm wishes to past and present students and their families.
For a Happy holiday season and all the best to everyone in the New Year
Cory ( British Columbia) routing a cavity on his bass.
Darryl (Ontario) has extended his stay an additional two months. He is working on his solid body

Joe ( British Columbia) Using the drill press for his bridge.

Cian (Ontario) bending the binding for his Acoustic
He is finishing up the Six Month Course here at Summit.

Nick (British Columbia) using the drum sander to thin down the top for his acoustic guitar

Eric (Memphis) checking out his sanding job

Doug (Alberta) getting instruction from Sigmund Johannessen

Willy (British columbia) drafting his solid body

Steve (Ontario) has just finished the repair part of his program and is drafting out a solid body guitar.
Lars ( Walla Walla) is shaping his back bracing.
While attending the GAL Convention this summer, Lars bid on and won a two week course here at Summit School.