Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Vancouver Island Guitar Building show in Errington

Pictures by: Lilly Lindholm  Age:5

Students and Instructors attend and exhibit at the show

Monday, October 3, 2016

Message from Former Student and friend Denny Kopp


Oh, I would just die to see you two again!
My place or yours, doesn't matter.
Of course, I want to come visit the Island again.
But it would be so nice to show you where I live.
As you drive around Catawba Island, you'd think you were back home...albeit with
fresh water.
And you can probably circle the entire island in about 20-30 minutes, depending on
the number of rubber necking tourists.
It's beautiful here in all seasons, but I certainly prefer Fall and Winter as the
place gets pretty quiet as even the locals jet off to Florida.
When I'm snowed in here, there's a fire in the wood stove and guitars in the garage
10 yards away.  = )
Anyway...thanks for showing me where the Lighthouse Motel is so long ago!
I tell that story a lot and people love it!

Tell Debbie, "Hello".
And make sure the Guys know how much they've changed my life for the better!
Car, House, Truck, Shop, Wife, Cat...all made possible by making shiny sticks with
After this weekend, it's 130 instruments and counting!


PS...here is a photo how I double the value of my truck!
This 16" went to Tom Carrol of Denison University, who recently retired.
This November, he'll be playing concerts with this guitar along side Gene
Bertoncini, Bucky Pizzarelli, Jack Wilkins, and others!  = )

September 2016 - Student update

Liam (South Korea) has finished the six month Guitar Building and Repair Course

Jacob (Arizona) is starting in the Repair Department
He is removing a Bridge 

Dave (Ontario) is restoring an old Pirles guitar  

Parker (British Columbia) is in the Repair Course working on wiring

Kaveh (Alberta) has finished building this solid body electric
-Painted with Acrylic and Indian Ink
-Maple neck, Rosewood Fingerboard

Kavehs' other project is an Acoustic Guitar

Brock (Alberta) is building a solid body electric
-Alder body
-Maple fingerboard and Maple neck

Kennedy (Alberta) is starting a Ukulele

Kennedy is also in the process of building an Acoustic

Mike (Ontario) is placing the dots on the neck of the electric guitar he is building

Tate (Alberta) is in the Repair course this month and is practicing routing on this jig