Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January 2009

Darryl (Ontario) is starting an Acoustic Guitar, he is in his Fifth month here at Summit

Jacob (Vermont) is doing a Four Week Repair course here at Summit School

Jeff (Ontario)learning about set ups as he starts the repair portion of his Six Month Course

Checking the neck reief on an electric guitar
David, Merideth and Jacob start the repair part of their course

Merideth (British Columbia) setting up an electric guitar during her first week at Summit

Eric (Memphis) doing some touch ups on his guitar
Eric is here for the One Year Master Program

Willy ( British Columbia) constructing a solid body guitar as part of his one year program

Joe (British Columbia) is carving the bracing for his acoustic guitar

How do you play this thing????????
Stephen (Ontario) constructing his practice neck

Allan (Ontario) sanding on his neck through solid body guitar he is building as part of his one year program

Tyson ( Ontario) is carving an Archtop.
He is finishing up the one year program. Next month he will be off to Japan to complete his final month of the One Year Master Program.

Cory ( British Columbia) starting to put the hardware on his Bass.
Cory is also a one year student