Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May - Week 3

Devon (Alberta) working on his solid body electric and showing us the wood for his next project, an Acoustic

Paul (Ontario) starting an Acoustic as his second instrument

Christopher (Alberta) sanding his solid body electric

Michael (British Columbia) is making great progress on his Archtop

Neil (Philippines) is getting some instruction from Arlen on fret slotting

Dwayne (Manitoba) is almost ready to spray his Batman guitar

Joshua (California) is working on the inlay for the headstock of his neck through Bass

Brian (Pennsylvania) is working on his Acoustic and starting to draw up plans for an Electric Violin

Tyler (Alberta) is radiusing the bracing for his Acoustic Guitar

Matt (Ontario) is working on his solid body electric

Joel (England) is almost ready to spray. What color do you think it should be????

Monday, May 24, 2010

Second week in May

Mike (instructor at Summit) is showing the guys a photo album of past students and talking about what they have gone on to do..

Michael (British Columbia) is sanding out the sides of his Archtop

Josh (California)
Great action shot!!!

Brian (Pennsylvania) sanding the sides on his Acoustic

Friday, May 14, 2010

May 2010

Jeff (Minnesota) sanding the channel for his truss rod

Paul (Ontario) is going to be routing for pickup placement

Devon (Alberta) is drawing up plans for his next project, an Acoustic Guitar

Joel (England) is working on his fourth instrument as part of his One Year Master Program

Chris (Alberta) is checking the fit of his neck

Michael (British Columbia) comes to us with past building experience, therefore he is going to build an Archtop in four weeks

Neil (Philippines) is working on a practice neck

Josh (California) is working on the neck of his neck through Bass