Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summit Pictures 2010

Randy (Live Sound Instructor here at Summit) doing live sound for Trooper
on Canada Day 2010

Adam and Marti get married, July 3, 2010

A trip on BC Ferries

A trip to Ukuelet on the west side of Vancouver Island to a gig

Deer in our back yard

Mike, Sigmund, Leif and Atsushi meet here on the Island July 2010

Local car show in Qualicum draws thousands of people

Michael (British Columbia) has built this Archtop in One Month

Brian (Pennsylvania) spraying his Solid Body Electric Guitar

Warren (New York) spraying his guitar

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Third week of June 2010

Jimmy (Ontario) is working on his guitar neck

Jeff (Minnesota) is working on his solid body Acoustic

Paul (Ontario) is getting some instruction from Arlen while working on his Acoustic Guitar

Dwayne ( Manitoba) is getting his Batman guitar ready for spraying

Neil (Phillipines) is cutting out his guitar jig

Christopher (British Columbia) doing some repairs
Joshua (California) is doing the Buzz Feiten certification and then is heading to Japan to do one month of work experience

Jim (Washington) is building a classical guitar

Matt (Ontario) is making a jig for his acoustic

Friday, June 4, 2010

June 2010

Josh (California)is finishing the One Year Master Program here at Summit and will then travel to Japan for his one month practicum.

Neil (Phillipines) is working on his solid body electric

Matt (Ontario) is ready to do some finishing work on his solid body electric

Jimmy (Ontario) is shaping the neck on his Bass

Leif is here from Sweden hanging out in the shop

Tyler (Alberta) is working on his Acoustic

Brian (Pennsylvania) is working on his Acoustic as part of the One Year Master Program

Jeff (Minnesota) is working on his solid body electric

Joel (England) has finished this electric guitar and has moved on to an Acoustic seen below

Paul (Ontario) is working on his Acoustic and below are two pictures of his finished electric

Devon (Alberta) is ready to finish his electric Hawaiin Lap guitar

Justin (British Columbia) is finishing his Electric Guitar

Christopher (Alberta)is getting ready to place his hardware on his electric guitar