Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April 2014 - Week One

Al (British Columbia) is building this triple O - 12th fret join with Chocolate Mango Back and Sides with a Red Cedar Top

Al (British Columbia) is also finishing this Herringbone Dreadnaught
It has Mahogany Back and Sides with a Bear Claw spruce top

Jesse (British Columbia) is building a solid Sapele Mahogany Acoustic

 This is Jesse' Spalted Maple Burl for the Rosette he is working on
Jesse (Wisconsin) is shaping the final neck for the electric guitar he is building as part of the One Year Course

Gunnar (Iceland) is working on Practice neck #4 for the Solid body electric he is building
Gavin (Alberta) is finishing up the Acoustic he is building.
The back and Sides are Mahogany, a Spruce top and Maple Binding

John (New Jersey) is building a Mahogany Back and Sides and Spruce top Acoustic

Jason (Seattle) is starting his training in the repair department

Riley (British Columbia) is also starting his training with Mike Jarvis (Instructor) in the repair department