Monday, December 1, 2014

November 2014- End of the month

Daniel (Spain) is getting the placement for the bridge he built before he glues it 

Evan (British Columbia) is ready for the finishing touches on the Mahogony and Maple Flying V Solid body Electric he has built

Brian (Denmark) is shaping the final neck (Mahogony and Maple) for the Electric he is currently building
Joseph (Ottawa) is shaping the final neck for the Electric he is building, he has used Walnut and Ebony

Vegard (Norway) is working on his final neck made from Maple for the solid body electric he is building

Rick (British Columbia) is almost finished building a Parlour Style Acoustic Guitar, he will take  a break to go on tour......say hello to Texas for us 

Brandon (Alberta) is on to electronics

Gavin (Alberta) is building the tail piece for the Archtop he has hand carved 

Jesse (Wisconsin) is  drafting up his next project. Below is the Parlour Style Acoustic he has built, finished and is now gluing the bridge on

Gunnar (Iceland) is ready to do some finishing work on the Mandolin he is building for his father

Riley (British Columbia) is building a 12 string Acoustic

Jeff (Washington) is gluing the bridge on the Acoustic he has built and doing some custom work on the electric in the case that he built last time he was at the school