Friday, July 24, 2009

July 2009

Niall (British Columbia) has just completed his Mandolin and the Four Month Course here at Summit

Sigmund Johannessen (Instructor at Summit) is showing Doug (Alberta) how to do the recurve on his Archtop.

Tom (Regina, Sask) is a Music Teacher who spent part of his summer holidays learning guitar repairs from instructor Mike Jarvis

Eric (Memphis) is on his way home once this month is up, he has been here for the One Year Master Program and has completed the Buzz Feiton Program.

Jordan ( British Columbia) is doing Buzz Feiton and Repairs.
He is here for four weeks
HS (South Korea) seems happy to be moving on to his Acoustic
HS (South Korea) is working on his solid body guitar as part of the One Year Program

Warren (New York) is doing nut work and a fret dress as part of the Repair Course

Monday, July 6, 2009

June 2009

Willy (British Columbia) gluing the back on his Mandolin

Patrick is checking out the piece of wood he foraged from the woods here on the island

Nick is finishing his Archtop and the 10 month course here at Summit

This is Nicks design for his headstock

Joe (Ontario) has done Four Months of Repair

Eric (Memphis) working on his Archtop. He is in the 11th Month of the One Year Master Program.

Darryl is carving the back of his Archtop, He is in the 10th month of the One Year Master Program

H.S. (South Korea) is starting the one year master program

Doug (Alberta) is in his last month and is finishing up his Archtop