Friday, November 6, 2015

Vancouver Island Luthiers Guild

Summit Students attend and displays their works at The Vancouver Island Luthiers Guild Show

Great to see Michael Dunn, he spent time with the students today. Michael is always so generous with his knowledge of guitar building

Luke is displaying the guitar stands he builds

Bev Finch stops to play an Acoustic built by former student Martin from Port Alberni

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

End of September 2015

Bo (Ontario) is building an eight string neck through electric guitar

Bo has also built an Acoustic
Maple neck, and Burl Rosette, End Cap and Truss cover

Jesse (Wisconsin) is building a Jazz Master style solid body using  CNC 
here is the neck, he used Birdseye Maple

Joseph (Ottawa) is bending the sides for the Acoustic he is building for his dad

Len is re-coning a speaker in the audio repair department

Texas (New Jersey) is running the wood through the drum sander for the semi hollow electric he is building  

Sota (Alberta) is working on the inlay for the Archtop he is currently building

 Sota has also built this Acoustic Guitar
Mahogany back and sides
Koa Rosette and back plate
Audrey Hepburn  inlay on headstock

September 2015 - Summit Studio