Sunday, September 28, 2008

Guest Lecture with Michael Dunn September 2008

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Michael Dunn, it is always a pleasure to have him visit the school.

visit Michael Dunns website

September 2008 Meet Stinni from Iceland

Stinni completed the One Year Master Program

Nice guitar Stinni
A hard days work

Too much Duct Tape ?????

Summer 2008

Jimmy and Ander play a friendly game of Arizona Golf

Stinni (from Iceland) takes time out to feed the Canadian Geese

Nick, Monique, Cian, Stinni, and Joe visiting the local Coombs Emporium

Stinni finding his roots at Cathedral Grove

Stinni, Monique, Joe, Brian and Cian size up this tree in Cathedral Grove

The very talented Eric (from Mephis) entertains the guests
at Deez Bar and Grill in Qualicum

Students come out and sit in at a local jam session
Nick (California), Tyson (Ontario), Cory (Qualicum), Eric (Memphis)
Antoine (Switzerland), Cian (Ontario), Mike (Summit School Instructor)

Jimmy completes the Buzz Feiton training while attending a
Three Month Guitar Repair Course here at Summit School

Asa and Noah (California) show the Acoustic Guitars they completed here this summer

Noah and Asa take in the local car show this summer in Qualicum Beach

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Message from Victor in Spain

This Victor from Spain. I wish i had been there with you guys enjoying a cup of wine. Best regards to all of you: Stinni, hvordan er haaret ditt !?!?! Monique, your look seems so secure. That´s great ! Adam, please, my pictures, peace of mind.. I hope you´re better Arlen. God, skates are pretty dangerous, I must say

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Italian Night at Summit

Welcome to Italian Night

Iacapo (from Italy) and his family joined us,
as they were our inspiration for this months student dinner

All the students brought an italian dish to dinner
(Magnifico !!!!!!!)

Friday, September 12, 2008

First week of September 2008

This is Brian working on his solid body guitar
This is Brian playing the finished product
Brandon gluing on the back of his acoustic
Brandon playing the acoustic he built while attending Summit

Bennett checking bridge plate in the repair department of Summit

Bennett with his guitar he built during his three month stay at the school.

Stinni (Iceland), Cory (Qualicum), Ander (France) and Monique (Vancouver) pose for a farewell to Ander Picture

Ander (from France) playing the Weissenborn Hawaiian Lap Steel guitar he built during his six months at Summit

Ander showing us another of his finished guitar

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

End of August 2008

Mike Jarvis (Summit School Instructor) checks out the classical guitar Monique built during her one year here at Summit
(Check out the raised extention finger board)
This gives you higher access without a cutaway.
Monique's hard work paid off - take a look at these fine guitars

After Monique recovers from a chocolate cake in the face courtesy of RJ, she receives her certificate. Congratulation Monique on completing the One Year Master Program

Iacapo finishes the Eight week Archtop Building Course

Iacapo (from Italy) proudly displays his Archtop

Jacob helps Papa Sigmund scrape his Archtop

Drew finishes the eight week guitar repair course