Monday, June 16, 2014

Live Sound on Stuart Island

Len (Instructor) Kerr and Phil (Live Sound Students) had quite an adventure
They barged the gear up to Stuart Island for a  3 day private function. They did live sound for three seperate bands with three seperate set ups, then they got a helicopter ride back home 


May 2014

 Jesse (Wisconsin) is working on the Rosette for the Acoustic he is building
 John (New Jersey) is making jigs for the Archtop he is building

Gavin (Alberta) is radiusing bracing for the Acoustic he is building as part of his One Year Master Program

Riley (British Columbia) is showing off some practice necks

Jesse (British Columbia) is making a bridge for the Acoustic he is building.
His next project - a 7 string

Alex (British Columbia) is in the repair department doing a repair to fix a buzzing problem

Luke (Alberta) is making a nut - he is doing a custom 2 week repair course 

Dane (White Horse) Is finishing his 8 string fretless Bass
Walnut body and Maple top