Wednesday, March 31, 2010

End of March 2010

Matt ( Ontario) is drafting his electric guitar neck

Christopher (Alberta) is jigging up for building

Jeff (Minnesota) routing out a jig for the control plate

Paul (Ontario) is working on a practice neck for his electric

Dwayne (Manitoba) has his Acoustic guitar ready for spraying and has started his batman electric

Justin (British Columbia) is shaping his pick guard for his electric

Joshua (California) is working on Bass #3

Joshua is getting some instruction from Arlen

Joel (England) is going to use water base stain on his guitar and then finish with a nitro spray

Warren (New York) has just finished spraying his guitar

This is Warrens new project an electric violin

Devon (Alberta) is making jigs for his next project, an electric guitar

Tyler (Alberta) is putting on the center line for dovetail placement on his Acoustic

Brian (Pennsylvania) is seeing how his pickguard will look.
He has just finished spraying his guitar a couple of days ago

Dylan (Nova Scotia) is routing the rosette for his new project, an Acoustic guitar

Paul (British Columbia) is carving his Bass

Friday, March 19, 2010

"The Rock School" from Nanaimo visits our school

Thank you Todd and Manda for coming out with your Rock School Students (Headliners School of Performing Arts)to tour our Guitar Building and Repair School/ Recording and Live Sound Studio.
To contact the rock school go to:
165 Fraser St, Nanaimo, BC (beside Mrs. Riches) V9R 5C1
For more information about our programming, events, classes & room bookings please contact them at
Phone: 250-753-2323

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 2010 - Week Two

Earl (British Columbia) with the Acoustic he is building

Joshua (California) getting ready to spray his Acoustic

Paul (British Columbia) has almost finished his Psychodelic guitar

Matt (Ontario) entertaining his fellow students

Jeff (Minnesota) working on a fret dress

Paul (Ontario) working in the repair department

Devon (Alberta) continuing in the repair department

Christopher (Alberta) also continuing in the repair department

Dwayne (Manitoba) routing out the dovetail for his Acoustic

Christopher (British Columbia) dressing the frets

Tyler (Alberta) clamping the back to the sides, so he can notch out the bracing before gluing it up

Justin (British Columbia) is jigging up for his next project, an electric guitar
His solid body electric guitar below is ready to spray

Joel (England) is working on his drop top - bolt on neck electric
Check out the quilted maple he has used......

Dylan (Nova Scotia) is working on the top for his Ukelele

Monday, March 8, 2010

March 2010 - Week One

Dylan (Nova Scotia) is shaping and gluing the back strip on his Ukelele

Christopher (British Columbia) is concentrating on repairs for his Eight Week Course

Matt (Ontario) starting in the repair department and the One Year Master Program

Christopher (Alberta) is also starting the One Year Master Program

Paul (Ontario) starting a six month program here at Summit

Jeff (Minnesota) starting the One Year Master Program

Devon (Alberta) starting in the repair department as part of his Six Month Program

Dwayne ( Manitoba) doing the final sanding before starting the finish his Ukelele

Nice inlay work Dwayne......

Tyler (Alberta) is working on the inlay for the headstock on his Acoustic

Brian (Pennsylvania) putting the finishing touches on his guitar neck

Joshua (California) and Instructor Arlen working on the final adjustments on his neck before gluing on the fingerboard

Jusin (British Columbia) is working on his solid body guitar, in the next picture he is showing me his pickguard template

Earl (British Columbia) is building an Acoustic

Paul (British Columbia) is working on the pickguard for his Psychdelic guitar