Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 2010 - Week Two

Earl (British Columbia) with the Acoustic he is building

Joshua (California) getting ready to spray his Acoustic

Paul (British Columbia) has almost finished his Psychodelic guitar

Matt (Ontario) entertaining his fellow students

Jeff (Minnesota) working on a fret dress

Paul (Ontario) working in the repair department

Devon (Alberta) continuing in the repair department

Christopher (Alberta) also continuing in the repair department

Dwayne (Manitoba) routing out the dovetail for his Acoustic

Christopher (British Columbia) dressing the frets

Tyler (Alberta) clamping the back to the sides, so he can notch out the bracing before gluing it up

Justin (British Columbia) is jigging up for his next project, an electric guitar
His solid body electric guitar below is ready to spray

Joel (England) is working on his drop top - bolt on neck electric
Check out the quilted maple he has used......

Dylan (Nova Scotia) is working on the top for his Ukelele

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