Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 2013 - week 2

 Steve (British Columbia) is building a custom electric guitar

Sungmin (South Korea) is doing a fret dress on the neck of the electric guitar he is building

Kerr (Alberta) is shaping the bracing for the Acoustic guitar he is building

Golden (South Korea) is bending the curfing for the custom acoustic guitar he is building as his final project

Stefan (Alberta) is working on the radius of the 3rd practice neck

Tom (British Columbia) is working on practice neck #3

Stanley - our dog is getting some shop time

Mauricio (Brazil) is working on a practice rosette

Ben (California) is carving an Archtop as his current project
Scott (California) is carving the back of the Archtop he is building
Kyle (British Columbia) is working on his 2nd practice neck
Chris (British Columbia) is shaping the neck for the Acoustic he is currently building
Mike (Instructor) is working on ear training with Jon (Pennsylvania) and Dave (British Columbia) as part of the Live Sound Course

Len (Instructor) is working with Dave on soldering cables
Jon (Pennsylvania) is working on many projects:
A Bass neck he did while in the CNC course
A speaker cabinet in the Live sound course
He is also doing an advanced repair course 

Jon's speaker cabinet fits in great with the other gear in the studio

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