Monday, May 20, 2013

May 2013 - Week 2

 Jon (Pennsylvania) building speaker boxes for himself as part of The Live Sound Course

 Ben (California) shaping the neck for the Acoustic he is building
This is Ben' flying rocking chair inlay

 JP (British Columbia) is building a solid body baritone
 Sung (South Korea) is sanding his first practice neck

 Kerr (Alberta) is cleaning up the neck pocket for the solid body electric he is building

Steve (British Columbia) is working on the neck of the guitar he is calling "The Prospector"
 Stefan (Alberta) is jigging up for the building portion of his course
Tom (British Columbia)  is working on jigs for a solid body electric, which will be his next project 
Chris (British Columbia) is sanding the sides for the Dreadnaught guitar he is currently building

Golden ( South Korea) is working on the bracing for custom designed Acoustic he is building 
Scott (California) is multi tasking, A re-fret and bridge work and building an Acoustic

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