Thursday, February 24, 2011

February 2011 wraps up....

Matt' (Ontario) seven string Parlor Guitar is finished and so is his One year master course here at Summit

Bruce (British Columbia) has completed building his Acoustic in a very quick four weeks

Steve (Alberta) is working on the bracing for his Acoustic

Ross (Alberta) is cleaning up the binding on his Acoustic constructed with Zebra wood

Gavin (Ontario) is working on practice neck number 4

Reid (Saskatewan) is working on electronics and has wound his own pickups (below)
He is just completing his two month course

Jiordi (California) is drawing up his Acoustic and working on bracing

This is Nathans Acoustic

Justin (British Columbia) sanding his electric guitar

Jimmy (Ontario) carving his Archtop back for his Bass

Justin (Oregon) carving a fiddle

Ben (Ontario) working on repairs as part of his six month course

Jeff (Minesotta) carving the top for his Archtop

Jeff (Minesotta) gluing the bridge on his Flamenco style guitar

Kevin (British Columbia) is jigging up for building an electric

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