Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February 2011 - week one

Mike (South Korea) winding pickups for his electric guitar

Justin V (Oregon) in the repair department as part of his One Month Course

Benjamin (Ontario) starting on repairs as part of his Six Month Course

Jeff (Minesotta) carving his Archtop

Kevin (British Columbia) has just replaced the nut and saddle

Gavin (Ontario) is working on shaping a practice neck for his electric

Steve (Alberta) is making a rosette for his Acoustic

Bruce (British Columbia) is cutting curfing for his Acoustic

This is the Acoustic Guitar Nathan (British Columbia) is building

Justin (British Columbia) is sanding his electric guitar

Jiordi (California) is sanding his wood pick guard and then moving on to pickup winding

Matt (Ontario) is working on his Archtop

back view of Matts Archtop

Reid (Saskatewan) is working on his solid body electric

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