Monday, October 3, 2016

September 2016 - Student update

Liam (South Korea) has finished the six month Guitar Building and Repair Course

Jacob (Arizona) is starting in the Repair Department
He is removing a Bridge 

Dave (Ontario) is restoring an old Pirles guitar  

Parker (British Columbia) is in the Repair Course working on wiring

Kaveh (Alberta) has finished building this solid body electric
-Painted with Acrylic and Indian Ink
-Maple neck, Rosewood Fingerboard

Kavehs' other project is an Acoustic Guitar

Brock (Alberta) is building a solid body electric
-Alder body
-Maple fingerboard and Maple neck

Kennedy (Alberta) is starting a Ukulele

Kennedy is also in the process of building an Acoustic

Mike (Ontario) is placing the dots on the neck of the electric guitar he is building

Tate (Alberta) is in the Repair course this month and is practicing routing on this jig

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