Monday, February 3, 2014

January 2014 - End of the month

Dane (White Horse) is bending sides for the Acoustic he is building
Gavin (Alberta) is gluing the back on the Acoustic he is building as part of the One Year Master Program 

John (New Jersey) is carving the bracing  for the Acoustic he is building


Jesse (British Columbia) is building a solid body electric
-Walnut body with Maple and Rosewood neck

Tom (British Columbia) is finishing his Acoustic and his custom 10 month course

Chris (British Columbia) is building a Fan Fret 8 string electric guitar
-Canphor Burl top, Northern Ash back, New Guinea striped ebony fingerboard

Jesse (Wisconsin) is starting in the Repair Department as part of the One year Master Program
-working on slotting nuts and set ups 

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