Friday, May 25, 2012

May 2012

 Brendan (Alberta) replacing tuners as part of his repair course

 Brett (Alberta) is drafting out the neck for the solid body guitar he is building

 Mike (instructor at Summit) and Brett

 Golden (British Columbia) is building a bridge for an Acoustic

 Jon (Pennsylvania) is carving the braces for the Acoustic he is building

 Angus (British Columbia) is hand carving the binding channel on the Mandolin he is building

 Steve (Ottawa) is shaping the body -Mahogony and Roasted curly birdseye maple 

 Steve (New York) is building an OM style Acoustic with a Florentine cutaway

Keeping the chisels sharp...

Desiree (British Columbia)  is building this very unique Acoustic guitar

Miles (Colorado) is finishing this Acoustic and starting a new project (below) 

Miles (Colorado) is building a 6 string fan fret Bass

Cory (British Columbia) is working on the bracing for the Archtop he is building

Warren (Manitoba) is putting in the frets next on the neck he is building

Justin (British Columbia) is modifying a snake as part of his recording course

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