Friday, March 16, 2012

March 2012- Week 3

Clayton (British Columbia) is working on the bracing for the Acoustic guitar he is building

Lucas (Ontario) is marking for his pickguard placement and finishing up his three month course

Leo (British Columbia) ready to spray

very interesting.........

Leo' second Bridge gluing attempt...

Angus (British Columbia) is working on "Project Mando"

Cory (British Columbia) is carving the back for the Archtop he is building

Claude (British Columbia) is cleaning the glue from his bracing

Miles (Colorado) is shaping the bracing on the Acoustic he is building

"A perfect curl"

Daniel (British Columbia) is getting ready to spray his Archtop

Felise (Ontario) is working on the neck block and is finishing his Four Month Course here at Summit

Steve L. (New York) is bending sides for the Acoustic he is building

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