Monday, February 20, 2012

February 2012 - Week Two

Jon (Pennsylvania) is starting in the repair department as part of his One Year Master Program

Clayton (British Columbia) is working on repairs as part of his three month course

Dakota (British Columbia) is shaping practice neck #3

Lucas (Ontario) is routing practice neck #2

Felise (Ontario) is building a Bass

Felise is marking and measuring for bridge placement

Steve L. (New York) is using the Butt Wedge as a sanding block to ensure an exact fit

Daniel (British Columbia) carving the top for his Archtop

Warren (Manitoba) has the jig for the neck on his neck through Bass

Leo (British Columbia) is modeling the guitar he will be routing on the CNC Machine

Steve (Ottawa) is fitting the bracing for his Acoustic

Miles (Colorado) is shaping the real neck for the solid body electric he is building

Claude (British Columbia) is sanding the heal block

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