Friday, May 6, 2011

May 2011 - Week One

Mike (New York) is in his second month of repairs. He is repairing cracks today

Ben (Ontario) is designing his custom four string Bass

Phil (British Columbia) is making a neck jig

Steve (Alberta) is building an OM style Acoustic as his next project

Nice inlay!!!!

Dylan (Nova Scotia) is working on the radius of his five string Bass neck

Shane (New York) is on practice neck number 2

Justin (British Columbia) is sanding his rock and roll electric guitar

Lars (Norway) is bending sides for his Parlor style Acoustic

Ross (Alberta) is working on the neck for his Mandolin

Jiordi (California) is notching the bracing on his Macaferri style guitar

Troy (Alberta) is working on a practice neck

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