Sunday, January 16, 2011

January 2011 - Week Two

Steve (Alberta) is trying out different finishes for his electric and below are the pickups he wound and pickguard he made......

Jiordi (California)

"In glue and dust we put our trust"

Kevin (British Columbia) is finishing up a fret dress

Jimmy (Ontario) is working on a fret dress

Gavin (Ontario) is making a nut for his electric

Matt (Ontario) is shaving away the excess after gluing the body together

Justin (British Columbia) is working on the neck for his electric guitar

Reid (Saskatewan) is starting the neck for his electric guitar

Ross (Alberta) is working on his bracing for the acoustic he is building as

part of his one year course

Jeff (Minesotta) is cleaning up the binding on his flamenco style guitar

Adrian (Norway) is working on fret dressing


chris_lewis77 said...

hey justin, what are you building now?

summitnews said...

Hi Chris,
Justin is building an SG style electric. Thanks for keeping in touch.