Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November 2010 - Week Two

Matt (Ontario) is cutting inlay

Christopher (British Columbia) is working on re - finishing

Brendan (Ontario) is finishing up the three month course and his 3rd and 4th guitar

Ron (California) is finishing his eight week repair course with some re - finishing work

Joel (England) is working on his electric bolt on neck guitar with Sepele body and Rosewood neck

Ross (Alberta) is waiting for some glue to dry so he is making an order for parts

Jimmy (Ontario) is working on the butt wedge for his Acoustic

Steve (Alberta) is carving a practice neck

Jeff (Minnesota) has finished his rosette for his Flamenco style guitar
The rosette: walnut, maple, ebony, Rosewood,Purple heart , chakot akohc, and shell found on our local beach.

Brian (Pensylvania) is working on his guitar neck for his electric classical.
Brian is also finishing up the One Year Master Program


chris_lewis77 said...

Stephen, and all this time i was calling him Chris. Hey Joel sweet inlay.

chris_lewis77 said...

also, that first tele with the wood pickguard looks pretty sly, especially with that those angled lines in the corner. how did you do that? and how did you convince Arlen to let you do it?

Matt said...

Mike, how is everything? The shop looks great and tour students are putting out some impressive stuff. The Tele is sweet with the stripes... inlaid right? Looks like the stripe pattern on the old Mustang competition basses that fender made.