Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 2010 - Week Two

Steve (Alberta) is starting in the repair department as part of his one year master program

Mike (S. Korea) working on repairs, he is also starting the one year master program

Ron (California) is concentrating on repairs during his eight week course

Adrian (Norway) is here for nine months and is starting in the repair department

Dwayne(Manitoba) is working on the curfing for his Archtop

Jeff (Minnesota) is working on the body and neck for his Bass

Brian (Pensylvania) is drafting up his last guitar and working on the acoustic below

Joel (England) is setting up his 7 string electric

Matt (Ontario) is working on the binding of his Acoustic

Jimmy (Ontario) is making a Rosette for his Acoustic

Brendan (Ontario) is routing for pickups on his Bass

These are the pickups Ross (Alberta) wound himself for his electric guitar

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