Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August 2010 - Week One

Devon (Alberta) with his finished Electric Hawaiian Lap Guitar

Joel (England) is finishing his 7 string guitar. Joel is also bending the sides and working on the bracing for the back of his acoustic

Jeff (Minnesota) is starting a new project, a flamenco style acoustic

Matt (Ontario) is working on the curfing and then will glue the back and sides

Matt and Arlen discussing the next step

Ross (Alberta) is starting in the repair department

Kerry (Montana) is doing the one month repair course

Dwayne (Manitoba) is considering a green lantern bass as his next project

Brian (Pennsylvania) is assembling the hardware on his acoustic

Jerome(Ontario) is working on a solid body electric

Paul (Ontario) is preparing the fret slots

Jimmy (Ontario) is gluing the curfing on his acoustic guitar

Justin (British Columbia) is finishing up the neck for his electric guitar

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