Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Third week of June 2010

Jimmy (Ontario) is working on his guitar neck

Jeff (Minnesota) is working on his solid body Acoustic

Paul (Ontario) is getting some instruction from Arlen while working on his Acoustic Guitar

Dwayne ( Manitoba) is getting his Batman guitar ready for spraying

Neil (Phillipines) is cutting out his guitar jig

Christopher (British Columbia) doing some repairs
Joshua (California) is doing the Buzz Feiten certification and then is heading to Japan to do one month of work experience

Jim (Washington) is building a classical guitar

Matt (Ontario) is making a jig for his acoustic


Louis Maranger said...

Hey where’s Matt’s electric guitar I would like to see the final product Matt’s dad Louis

summitnews said...

Hi Louis,
You can view your sons guitar on the blog under third week of July about half way down.
Thanks for asking.....
Lorraine (Blog manager)