Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 2010 - Welcome back

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!

Justin (British Columbia) making the jig for his solid body guitar

This is the finished neck for Justins solid body

This just proves the guys cook for themselves

This is Cody' (Ontario) corner of the shop. He is working on an Acoustic, a Ukelele and a Hawaiian style guitar.

Tyler (Alberta) has just made the routes for his hardware and is about to drill for his input jack on his solid body guitar.

Dwayne ( Manitoba) is about to glue the bracing in his Acoustic.

Patrick ( Manitoba) is gluing the binding on his Acoustic

Brian (Pennsylvania) making a practice neck for his solid body electric as part of his One Year Master Program

Arlen ( instructor at Summit) doing some adjustments on the belt sander

Wyatt ( Washington) is french polishing his Acoustic

Dylan (Nova Scotia) is cutting fret slots for his Bass

Brad ( Ohio) is making a jig for his Alenbic style electric guitar
Paul ( British Columbia) is kicking back shaping the bridge for his Acoustic

Pat (Ontario) is working on his headstock veneer

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