Friday, December 11, 2009

December 2009 - Week 2

Cody (Saskatewan) is working on an Acoustic and a Solid Body Electric as part of the One Year Master Program

Patrick (Manitoba) is building two different style Acoustic Guitars as part of the One Year Master Program

Dwayne (Manitoba) is repairing a bridge for an Acoustic guitar

Paul (British Columbia) is jigging up for the dovetail on his Acoustic, Paul is in his tenth month of the One Year Master Program

Warren ( New York) is building a semi hollow electric

Pat (Ontario) is working on the electronics for his solid body guitar

Dylan (Nova Scotia) is sitting back doing some sanding on his Bass

Joshua (California) placing the frets in his Bass neck

Wyatt (Washington) gluing the back on his Acoustic

Brad ( Ohio) is making a nut for his Bass

Tyler ( Alberta) is working on his final neck for his electric guitar

Joe (Ontario) is wet sanding his electric guitar

Joe showing me his Archtop he just completed.... nice work!

Justin (British Columbia) is working on his real neck for his electric guitar

Brian (Pennsylvania) working on intanation as part of the repair requirements of the One Year Master Program

Matt (Ontario) is working on specific repairs as part of his Two Week Repair Course

Instructor Arlen saying goodbye for the weekend......

Lewis (Texas) is starting an Apple shaped mandolin for his final project.
See the drawing below.......

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