Friday, November 27, 2009

End of November 2009

Justin (British Columbia) working on a practice neck for his solid body guitar

Paul (British Columbia) working on his solid body

Brad (Ohio) working on his guitar neck

Joshua ( California) shaping the bracing on his Acoustic

Joel ( England) starting on the plans for his new project

Cody ( Saskatewan) sanding the sides of his Acoustic

Nathan (Alberta) has just completed both the Three Month Course and the Buzz Feiten

Tyler ( Alberta) working on his electric guitar neck

Dwayne ( Manitoba) is measuring for pick up placement on his solid body electric

Patrick ( Manitoba) working on his acoustic guitar

Joe ( Ontario) is trimming the dovetail to fit the body of his Archtop guitar

Lewis (Texas) is working on his soid body guitar

Wyatt (Washington) is putting the finishing touches on his electric guitar

Dylan (Nova Scotia) is shaping the neck for his bass guitar

Pat (Ontario) clamping and gluing his sides for his Acoustic guitar

Warren ( New York) checking out the feel of his Acoustic guitar

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