Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 2009 ( week 4)

This is HS' last week, he will be done the six month course and heading back to South Korea. He is doing some final work on his Fred Carlson inspired guitar.

Cody (Saskatewan) is gluing the jig up for his next project, an Acoustic guitar

Tyler (Alberta) is working on set ups in the repair department.
Happy Birthday Tyler

Joel (England) is sanding out the body on his solid body guitar

Brad ( Ohio) working in the repair department

Warren ( New York) working on his Acoustic

Pat (Ontario) sanding out the finish on his electric guitar

Lewis ( Texas) doing some hard sanding on his guitar neck

Dylan (Nova Scotia) has finished up the practice necks for his Bass and is on to the real thing

Paul (British Columbia) sanding the sides on his Acoustic

Ian (British Columbia) is working on the bridge for his Acoustic (see below)

This is Ians last week of school. He has completed the six month course.

Thanks Ian for some really great lunches....

Patrick (Manitoba) working on his Banjo

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