Thursday, August 6, 2009

August 2009

Ian (British Columbia) is bending the sides for his Acoustic

Warren (New York) is routing out the channel for his truss rod

Pat (Ontario) is finishing up with Repairs and will move on to building an electric guitar as part of his Eight Week Program

Pat (Manitoba) is working on the sides for his Acoustic

Darryl ( Ontario) is finishing up his Archtop and The One Year Master Program here at Summit .

Paul (British Columbia) is making jigs for his Acoustic.

Josh (California) has just started the One Year Master Program

HS ( South Korea) is checking out the bracing on his Acoustic

Joe (Ontario) is working on the binding of his Acoustic Guitar

Willy ( British Columbia) has his guitar sides clamped into the jig he built

Michael Trelenburgh who was a student here at Summit three years ago drops in to say hello. He has been working for the last two years in Kamloops, both Building and Repairing guitars.

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LGMORRISON37 said...

Hello Summit,
It has been five golden years since I have attended and I really need to get to Sweeden to do my internship this summer. Please contact me as I am so proud to have been a part of the best guitar building and repairing school in the world. Thankyou for all of your unconditional support while I attended and keep on being the best. I saw a man that attended twice with his guitars and they were awsome. There are more rings around the tree of my life and it would be so cool to come back and do more business in the upmost proper manner.
Galen Morrison II